Rent Cheque

Pay your rent with bitcoins. Get a post dated cheque and pay your rent with it.
The cheque will be sent via Canada Post in 1 business day and a tracking number will be provided.

Payments at YesToBitcoins will be processed in


Your full name*

Address of the property being rented (To use as a reference on the cheque):

Street and civic number*

Suite number


Postal code*

The date on the cheque*

Name of landlord (the cheque will be made out to this person/company) *

A code word**

If you would like us to send the cheque to a different address than the one above, please input it here

How much you want to deposit*?

* Required information
** In case you contact us, regarding this order we need a code word, to validate it was you who placed the order, sorry this is required


Can I request proof that the cheque was cashed?

  • Yes, you can email me. Proof of a cashed cheque can be provided up to 2 months after the date printed on the cheque.

Who receives the cheques after I pay for them?

  • Cheques are sent to the address of the person requesting the cheques, not the landlord.


  • We send you the cheque and you are responsible for giving it in time to your landlord.
    A cheque is valid for only 1 year.
  • The date of the cheque cannot be more than 1 year ahead from the day it is requested.
  • If you need to cancel a cheque, the service fee will not be reimbursed.